Why Birkenstock

Because Birkenstock is The Original Comfort Shoe

At Bash we know that styles change… but no matter the look, feet still need support. Birkenstock have made footwear for over 225 years and we continue to believe that comfort is the true measure of a shoes worth.

The phrase ‘form follows function’ describes the concept behind Birkenstock. All of our footwear includes a footbed shape that mirrors the contours of a healthy foot.

Other benefits of Birkenstock's:

Our Footbed

No part of the body is subject to more stress and strain in the course of a lifetime than the foot. Our feet bear all of the body's weight. They keep the body in balance. Cushion the shocks.

That is why it is important to take care of your feet. Birkenstock invented the world's first contoured cork/latex footbed. The shape of the Original Birkenstock Footbed enables body weight to be distributed evenly over the whole foot, providing it with optimal support. 

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

I usually don't spend much on sandals. What makes Birkenstock's Special?

Think of Birkenstock's as a performance shoe, orthopaedically designed and constructed to offer comfort and support that other shoes just can't match. 
Most sandals are made to last one, maybe two seasons at the most. Birkenstock's, on the other hand, are made to last a long time. Quality materials give Birkenstock's durability and long lasting good looks. The reparability of Birkenstock footwear extends the life of the shoes, making this investment even more sound. With proper care and maintenance you can make your Birkenstock's last for years. Birkenstock's are an investment for your feet.

Why do Birkenstock's look wide?

They look wider than most shoes because the design follows the natural shape of the foot. Many shoe styles feature a narrow toe area, which not only compresses the toes, but throws the foot out of alignment. The shape of Birkenstock's guides the toes and feet into correct alignment so the weight is evenly distributed and good posture is possible.

How long do Birkenstock's last? Are they guaranteed for any period of time?

While there is no guarantee, with proper care, Birkenstock footwear can provide years of comfort. Everything that goes into the shoe is top quality - from the suede, jute and cork of the footbed, to the leather, suede and nubuck used to create the uppers. The result is footwear that's an excellent value - comfortable and remarkably durable.

Are Birkenstock's repairable? How do I get them repaired?

Every component of the shoe can be repaired or replaced to extend the life of the shoe. However, at this time South African stores are not equipped to assist in the repairing of Birkenstock shoes or sandals. You may consult your nearest shoemaker for advice on repairing services.

Do these shoes mold to my feet?

The Birkenstock footbed is made of resilient cork and latex that is precisely molded to create the best possible environment for your feet. As you wear them, they actually adapt to your feet-and vice versa-which means that the more time you spend in Birkenstock's the more comfortable they become.

Why do the straps feel so loose? Shouldn't they be tighter?

Birkenstock's are meant to be worn loosely. Support comes from the footbed -not tightly secured straps. Wearing them loosely allows your feet to move naturally. It also improves circulation. Back straps worn to tightly push the feet forward, preventing them from resting naturally in the footbed.

Why do the soles feel so firm? Is there a break in period?

Some people find Birkenstock's immediately comfortable. For others, it takes a few hours a day for a week or two to break them in. Although the shoes may feel rigid at times, remember that the firm support is essential for the orthotic benefits of Birkenstock's. They will become more flexible with wear. The uppers will become more supple and the footbed will adjust slightly to your feet each time you wear them. If your feet are unaccustomed to the contoured footbed, start wearing them gradually. Wear your Birkenstock's no more than a few hours a day for the first few weeks.

What is the difference between Narrow and Regular (widths)?

Birkenstock footwear comes in different widths. Most styles come in Narrow and Regular. The Narrow fits Narrow to Medium width feet. The Regular fits Medium to Wider width feet.

Will Birkenstock's make my feet spread?

Birkenstock shoes will not give your feet a new shape! Feet that have been squeezed into traditional shoes may resume their original natural shape, depending on the flexibility of your feet.


Birkenstock use only high quality materials, whether they are leather or animal free.



Smooth Leather

The leather used for Birkenstock® uppers is thick but very supple. Natural leather has a unique surface structure, which varies in its colour. No artificial dyes are used to cover up these differences but leave them the way nature intended. This way the leather retains its pores and its ability to breathe.


The microfiber used by Birkenstock® is a high quality material with a nubuck-like look. Microfiber is extremely durable and lightweight; it is easy to clean and retains its colour. It is a very breathable material, which ensures a skin-friendly environment for the foot. Microfiber is used both for uppers and as a footbed liner.

Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather used by Birkenstock® originates from the best European hides. Nubuck leather is a full grain leather whose natural characteristics are enhanced by buffing the top layer. This creates the velvety finish unique to nubuk leather.

Suede Leather

The suede leather is also extremely strong and supple and is, as all leathers used by Birkenstock®, dyed rather than sprayed, allowing maximum breath-ability. The natural differences in the surface texture are unavoidable and prove that only genuine leather is used.

Birko Flor® Nubuck

This new material has a leather-like surface texture, resembling nubuk and has the same features as Birko Flor®.

Birko Flor®

Birko Flor® is a material developed by Birkenstock® as an alternative to leather. Birko Flor® is made of soft acrylic and poly amide felt fibers with a durable smooth leather-like finish.

Footprints® Leather

The leather used for the Footprints® range is tanned using an economic and environmentally friendly process without using synthetic dyes. This retains the pores of the leather, which stays open and can breathe actively. Differences in colour and scar patterns on the surface of the leather reflect the fact that the leather is treated and preserved in its natural state.

Polyurethane (PU)

All Birki clogs are made of durable and waterproof polyurethane (PU). This is a very versatile material and has some unique features. The materials low density makes the clogs lightweight but provides high abrasion results. The PU contains innumerable tiny bubbles, which acts as shock absorbents. Polyurethane is produced using environmentally friendly processes, without using the solvents OFC and FC. PU in a non-absorbent material, thus preventing a build-up of bacteria. It also protects against acids and alkaline, making the clogs suitable for laboratory or kitchen work.


Birkenstock buckles are all made in house by Birkenstock®. Each buckle receives multiple powder-coatings or goes through a galvanizing process.